“Koolie” the Koala Comfort Companion

  • $34.95


It’s a pillow, a pal, a pet!

This delightful Pillow is especially designed to make children feel at ease.
– Uniquely shaped for snuggling.
– Keepsake pocket holds items for soothing.
– Soft plush fabric is comforting & cozy.
– Personalize by writing on the “I Belong To” name label.
– Perfect as a travel companion for nights away from home, doctor visits, nap time, or relaxing. They even give little ones a boost to reach the table.

Comfort Companion Koolie the Koala has a pillowy-feel perfect for hugging and is made of 100% fabric for safety. No plastic, metal, or wood is used.

Machine wash, air dry, and fluff to reshape.

Dimensions 19 x 13 x 3 Weight 1.2 lbs