“Daisy” Ragdoll Comfort Companion

  • $49.95


This delightful huggable is especially designed to comfort.

Originally designed to comfort those with Alzheimer’s!

  •  – Lavender scent calms & soothes.
  •  – Keepsake pocket holds items to aid memory.
  •  – Bright colors stimulate senses and positive emotions.
  •  – Textures and details occupy busy hands.
  •  – Soft, huggable, and weighted for a feeling of security.
  •  – Personalize it with your loved one’s name to aid memory.
  •  – Encourages conversation and interaction with your loved one.

Comfort Companion® Daisy, awakens the sense of touch, sight, and smell. Tactile sense is stimulated by a variety of fabrics and textures and Daisy is “weighted” for a feeling of security. She has soothing lavender scent to stimulate sense of smell. Daisy features a pocket that holds family photos & keepsakes to help recall memories of loved ones. A mini-book creates opportunity for interaction and nurturing.   A variety of bows, buttons, & flowers occupy busy hands. Daisy has a pillowy-feel perfect for hugging and is made of 100% fabric for safety.

Machine wash, air dry, and reshape.

Dimensions 25 x 12 x 3  Weight 2 lbs