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How we started 

Puppets4u was started after the tragic death of Amy McKinsey in a car accident December 19th, 2001.

At the young age of 18, Amy's life was cut short.

Our hope is to keep her name alive through helping others. 

Our purpose is to perform Random Acts of Kindness in memory of Amy.  We sell our puppets as low as possible in order to make them available to everyone at a reasonable price.

Our goal is simple. We sell puppets and perform with the puppets in hope of bringing happiness to someone through Random Acts Of Kindness. We enjoy putting smiles on people's faces through our performances etc. 

My Beloved Sister 

(A poem written to Amy, from her sister Amanda.) 

To: Amy McKinsey
November 3, 1983- December 19, 2001

There is never a day when you are not on my mind,
Because you were so special and one of a kind.
Having a sister like you was the best,
You were so caring, loving, and had no regrets.
My love for you will ALWAYS be in my heart,
So How could this happen for you to depart?
I’ll never understand why you were taken away,
Since we talked about plans for the upcoming day.
I see you in my dreams, is that some kind of sign?
And when this occurs I feel so divine.
My thoughts and emotions will always be near,
And I will treasure them from year to year.
The most difficult thing for me to say,
was good-bye to you that December day.
I try every day to have such sorrow relieved,
But i don’t know if i will ever recede.
God, please give me the strength to go on,
Show me how to deal with the tragedy of Amy being gone. Amy McKinsey Nov.3,1983 - Dec.19,2001